Petition collects enough signatures for Dickson Schools audit

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DICKSON, OK - A group of Dickson school parents who want their schools to be audited have now collected enough signatures to get the ball rolling.

Parents said they've been working for weeks knocking on doors to get signatures from 10 percent of the registered voters in Dickson.

Last week they met their goal and an audit of Dickson schools will soon get underway..

The Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector's Office said the petition needed 339 signatures, but they exceeded that number with 352. The signatures were mailed to the state auditor December 4th in time for their December 6th deadline.

The Auditor's Office said the state election board has verified all the signatures and they've contacted the superintendent of Dickson Schools to let them know an audit will take place.

Parents say they asked for the audit because they were concerned about how money from grants and bonds was being spent. One Dickson parent who helped organize the effort hopes the audit will help the school and the community.

"We just hope to get Dickson on the right track and Dickson has a great school," said Dickson schools parent Jennifer Ellis. "I guess here in a couple months we'll see what the audit shows."

Dickson School Board said they will help the auditors in any way they can.

The State Auditor and Inspector's Office said they'll start the audit within the next 30 days.