Pit Pros owner hopes fan drive blows away heat-related illness

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With the sun-drenched days of summer come a yearly danger: heat related illness. That's one reason Pit Pros owner Mark Wainscott put together a fan drive.

"There's people that can't afford the air conditioning and things like that and so the heat always gets to be too much," said Wainscott.

Wainscott has collected 50 fans since May 1st and he hopes to get to 500 by the end of summer. The Salvation Army will distribute the fans to those in need, many of them area elderly.

"They do suffer from heat related injuries, which I guess could bring on other related things," Wainscott said.

The Oklahoma Department of Health said you can prevent heat stroke by drinking more fluids, avoiding alcoholic or sugary drinks, and wearing lightweight clothing.

Advanced practice nurse Jeff McPhail volunteers at the Good Shepperd clinic and explains why preventable heat related injuries happen year after year.

"It surprises you," said McPhail. "Because you don't go out and intend to get heatstroke and the people that have it are doing simple things that they've done many times before and done fine."

If you do suspect someone has heat stroke he adds that symptoms include nausea, confusion and an absence of sweating.

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