Planes soar above Denison

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DENISON, TX -- This week, hundreds of competitors and spectators from around the world landed at the North Texas Regional Airport. Friday, Pilots showed off their skills.

For 40 years, the North Texas Regional Airport has been hosting the US National Aerobatic Championship.

Crowds gathered Friday at the North Texas Regional Airport to see the freestyle competition of the 2012 National Aerobatics Championships. Where children of all ages got to enjoy.

This year, the Aerobatic Championships held a collegiate competition, and 3 aeronautical schools from North Dakota, Florida and Colorado, showed up to show off their stuff.

"We've attended a lot of regional contests and competitions in more of our local area, but we've never really been able to come down to the national level. So it's been extremely good for our students to get that exposure and compete with the top pilots on the national stage," said Mike Lents, University of North Dakota Lecturer.

Spectators from all over the United States came to see about 100 competitors compete for fun.

There are no monetary prizes, only trophies are given out. But there is another reason pilots took to the skies.

"We're creating a team. A team of the unlimited class pilots to represent the United States at next year world Championships. The team has been selected we have 6 men and 2 women comprising the team to represent the United States a couple of them reside right here in Texas actually," Aaron McCartan, Contest Director, 2012 National Aerobatics Championships.

The National Championship is also a precursor event to the world championship next year, which will also be held in the North Texas Regional Airport.

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