Pointe Vista starts dirt work to make way for housing development

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Pointe Vista has been locked in a legal battle with the Commissioners of the Land office after the company failed to build amenities including a hotel, convention center and homes at Lake Texoma State Park.

Since they signed the contract in 2008, Pointe Vista has now started turning dirt to relocate 4 holes at the Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club to make way for lakefront homes.

The Commissioners of the Land Office Secretary, Harry Birdwell, said in a statement,

"We are pleased to see progress on the promises made in the contract."

The future site of the 4 relocated holes is just west of the clubhouse.
The relocation will begin next month and should be finished by this fall. That will free up land to build the 1,850 acre community, which will include 56 lots for residential homes and 48 lots for town homes.

Some Kingston residents said this is progress..

"I'd say it's about time," said Kingston resident Stacy Alexander. "We've been waiting for a long time and a lot of the businesses have been suffering. So it would be great if we could get things moving out there."

But other residents we spoke to aren't quite convinced.

"Right now I'm skeptical because to be honest with you they haven't really done much yet," said Doyle Stevens, who also lives in Kingston. "They're going to have to show me."

Pointe Vista said infrastructure work for the housing development is scheduled for October.