Pointe Vista to make final payment on Lake Texoma State Park land

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Five years ago Pointe Vista promised to build a four star hotel and conference center at Lake Texoma State Park. Now, it looks like they might make the last payment for two areas of park land with no construction doneor even underway.

"Then full title is theirs on property A and B," said Oklahoma Senator Josh Brecheen, who said the company has a $2 million dollar payment due in January. The Marshall County Commissioners have said that they'll pull their TIF money if the project isn't 90 to 95 percent complete by May. Brecheen hopes the company will do something to get the project started.

"To do what's right in the best interests of our area," he said. "Either get the hotel built in a timely fashion in a matter of months on the deadline or help us as a state find someone who will because our area is suffering."

The Commissioners of the Land Office said that even if Pointe Vista makes the payment, their obligations to the project aren't over. They've hired lawyers to help them figure out what to do if May comes and goes without Pointe Vista meeting the requirements of the deal.

"Talking to lawyers and talking to commissioners and deciding exactly what we will do at that point in time," said Terri Watkins, CLO communications director.

But until then Stephen Willis with Restore Lake Texoma State Park hopes something will be done to help people and businesses.

"Restoring the park is something that would kickstart our local economy and it would do it right away," said Willis. "And that's what we need the Governor to support."

The Commissioners of the Land Office said they're having ongoing meetings to try to resolve the situation.

We were unable to get in contact with Pointe Vista.