Police arrest 3 for burglarizing vacant Sherman home 2 days in a row

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SHERMAN, TX - Three Sherman men are behind bars, accused of stealing property from a vacant home two days in a row. Residents who live in the neighborhood say burglary is a big problem on their block.

Tools, wire, and even a floor lamp are now missing from a vacant Sherman home on North Ross Street.

"They were breaking into the house," said Sherman police Sgt. D.M. Hampton. He says 61 year old Larry Thacker, 48 year old Kenneth Moss, and 59 year old Robert Riles were arrested Tuesday, after officers found a large amount of stolen property in their truck, in the alley behind the home on the 1600 block.

"A little window unit, just odds and ends kind of things, some tools, and they ended up getting some wiring," said Sgt. Hampton.

Sherman police say they got the call from a nearby resident who also saw a red truck at the house the day before.

Neighbor Jesse Martinez and his wife tell us thieves will steal anything that's not locked down, and they target vacant homes on the block, "It happens a lot you know sometimes we call and they'll get caught and stuff, it happens once or twice a month sometimes three times. I come out with my dogs and my flashlight, but I carry a stick or something."

Sgt. Hampton says the suspects took anything that could be sold, probably to sell as scrap.

69/82 Metal Recyclers say there's no way to tell if someone's bringing in stolen materials, but before they buy from anyone they require a photo ID and a license plate number. They also tell News 12 hundreds of people come through the scrap yard on a daily basis, and every sale is captured by surveillance cameras.

All three suspects in this case are charged with burglary of a habitation, a second degree felony.

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