Police departments having issues buying ammo

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- As fears over stricter gun laws continue to boil ammunition is vanishing from store shelves. Nationwide businesses are experiencing an ammo shortage which, as Kristen Shanahan points out, is affecting some of our local police departments.

When Gunter Police Sgt. Doug Ritter calls their weapons supplier he finds they are still out of guns and ammunition.

"I don't think I've ever seen it quite this bad," Sgt. Doug Ritter said.

Ammunition is on back order and police departments might not see their shipment for months.

"We're looking at for our handguns eight to nine months back log, and for our rifle ammunition up to a year," Van Alstyne Police Chief Tim Barnes said.

Van Alstyne Police Chief Tim Barnes and Sgt. Ritter says every year they have to qualify with the State of Texas.

"The state requires that we train on a yearly bases with the firearms that we carry. Pistols, rifles and shotguns," Sgt. Ritter said.

"To qualify for our small of an agency it could be up to a thousand rounds per year for the handgun, and probably another thousand year for the rifle," Chief Barnes said.

Rounds for training that might be limited due to the ammo shortage.

"Many times when we do qualifications we'll do extra practice to make sure the officers are proficient, and that's another concern that our officers won't get as much ammunition practice -- as normal -- because of the lack of ammunition that we have," Chief Barnes said.

"Maybe a little bit more limited with extra training," Sgt. Ritter said.

Both Chief Barnes and Sgt. Ritter say they expect to meet state qualifications this year, but want to warn other departments who need ammo for training to order sooner rather than later.

"I hope that they've acquired enough in the past because its going to be hard to get right now," Sgt. Ritter said.

We also spoke to Durant Police Department. They told us when they recently ordered ammunition it was on back order. The department says they want extra bullets for training, but are not experiencing a shortage at this time.

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