Police enter patrol cars for national contest

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TOM BEAN, TX-It's been kept under wraps for two months. Now, Tom Bean Police Department reveal their new patrol car design, but it's not just for looks.

Tom Bean plans to enter their new patrol car design in "Law and Order Magazine's International Police Vehicle Design Contest," pitting them against thousands of police departments across the nation. I spoke with Tom Bean residents who tell us what they think of the new look.

Shanna Miller is used to seeing Tom Bean police cars pass by, but Wednesday, she saw something new.

"I did see that and I thought 'what in the world has Tom Bean got now? Did we get another vehicle?' And it was pretty cool looking though," she said.

Patricia Hamilton noticed it too.

"The first time we saw it going down the road we thought 'is that a new police car?' And then it came around and pulled up and we were sitting here looking at it and Luke thinks it's very unique," she said.

"It's probably more than I can imagine it being. It definitely exceeds our expectations we could ever imagine our police unit being. It's just out of this world."

Tom Bean Police Sgt. Brandon Blair drives the newly designed unit and said it will be entered into "Law and Order Magazine's International Police Vehicle Design Contest."

"It's just basically a design contest on who has the best design. Now that we have the unit and we see how it is, it is gonna be entered in the contest this year and I believe we will have hands down won," he said.

"We just wanted to make it radical, but at the same time, keep it classy and just roll with it."

Texoma Wraps owner, Scott Bechtel worked on the design for three months and said they've never done anything like it before.

"Me and my staff, we worked on it and came up with something great for them and it was a lot of fun. It was really neat. We don't get to do stuff like this for police forces," he said.

"We have a lot of reactions, we got people staring, we got people pulling us over asking 'hey can we get a picture with you guys?' Or 'where did ya'll get the wrap? Is that a new car?' We've never seen a police car like that," said Sgt. Blair.

"The old cars are just black and white, so you know, nothing spectacular about that to draw eye appeal. But this one's got the colors that people are definitely gonna sit up and notice," said Hamilton.

Tom Bean Police will have their second patrol car wrapped next week. Sgt. Blair said if their department's design wins the contest, it will be featured in next year's issue of the magazine.