Police give tips to avoid pedestrian accidents

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- In the past year alone we have reported more than 10 pedestrian accidents on Texoma roads. In fact just after 8:00 Friday night Denison Police report a teenager was walking down South Fannin Avenue when he was hit by a vehicle. Thankfully he was not seriously hurt, but over the summer months police say more people choose to walk to their destinations and they want to share a few safety tips with both drivers and pedestrians.

In January a man was killed when he was struck by a semi while reportedly crossing U.S. Highway 75 in Sherman and less than a month earlier Denison Police say an 18-year-old also died after being struck by a vehicle on 75.

"Any of them that are fatalities are too many," Eppler said.

Lt. Mike Eppler with Denison Police says often pedestrian accidents can be prevented.

"We see probably more where pedestrians are in a position where they're just really too close to the roadway," Eppler said.

Many drivers have had a near miss with a pedestrian. Kim Hughes says just a couple weeks ago she nearly hit a man on Highway 75.

"There was a man walking on the bridge where there was not a shoulder and I was really frightened that I was going to hit him because I had to look in my rear view mirror to see if there was something coming so I could move over," Hughes said.

"Especially at night when they're wearing dark clothing. I mean it's hard to see them and if it's a little misty, foggy or rainy and they're walking close to the road. You just can't see them until you're right on them," Jim Daffren said.

"We just highly encourage people to not get around the busy highways unless it's an absolute necessity," Eppler said.

If you do find yourself walking along a busy highway police say you need to be walking in the grass, towards oncoming traffic, wearing bright, reflective clothing.

Eppler says it is not just on-foot travelers that need to be vigilant, drivers do too.

"Aim high in steering. Look down the road and see what's in front of you. Don't just focus on what's right in front of your vehicle because you won't have enough time to react if something does happen," Eppler said.

Eppler adds people walking in the roadway can face up to a $146 dollar fine.