Police investigating improper relationship between student and teacher

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DENISON,TX -- Police are investigating an improper relationship with a high school teacher and a 17 year old boy.

"You see this happen at other places; never want it to happen here," said Assistant Superintendent Dr. George Hatfield.

Monday, Denison ISD officials sent out a statement saying quote: "The Denison school district received a tip last week regarding an alleged improper relationship between a Denison High School teacher and a DHS student," end quote.

Assistant Superintendent, Dr. George Hatfield, says they took immediate action.

"We immediately conducted an investigation based on that tip and determined that there was suspicion of wrongdoing," said Hatfield.

Hatfield says police are now handling the investigation, but does say the teacher allegedly involved resigned last week.

Police and school officials have confirmed to News 12 that the student involved is a 17-year old male.

"We were advised by the school district of allegations of an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student and we started our investigation at the time," said Mike Eppler.

Denison Police Lieutenant Mike Eppler confirms that the teacher being investigated is a woman, but have not released her name and no arrests have been made.

Monday, we talked to parents of Denison students about the allegations.

"It should be common sense, not to be messing with a child," said local resident Joseph Knopes.

"The student should also be held responsible, as well as, because the student at that age also knows better," said local resident David Roesler.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

"The teacher has resigned, and we have notified the State Board of Educators Certification of the situation," said Hatfield.