Poll reveals public's view on the Tea Party

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TEXAS -- A new Pew Research poll finds nearly half of the public views the Tea Party negatively.

This poll comes as the group "Battle Ground Texas" is working to turn the state democratic.

The local Tea Party says they find the recent negativity concerning but they are still doing what they know is right educating voters.

Kaaren Teuber says come and take it.

Teuber says, "We are gonna defend it like we tried to defend the Alamo."

Teuber is with the Texoma Patriots, a local tea party group, and she doesn't want to see the state turn Blue.

Teuber says, "I think there is a danger. Look what happened in colorado."

On the heels of the government shut down, a new Pew Research study finds 49 percent of the public has a "negative" view of the national Tea Party, but Teuber says negativity isn't the problem in Grayson County.

According to Teuber, "Apathy seems to be the main thing. And what we do in the Tea Party is we're out there to educate."

Grayson County GOP Chair Larry Millson says they work with the local Tea Party since both groups have similar goals. Specifically, stopping the democrat-affiliated group, Battle Ground Texas.

According to Millson, "It's not gonna be easy and there's gonna be a lot of bruises."

The same Pew study finds Senator Ted Cruz's popularity at an all-time high among the Tea Party.

Teuber said, "I was at the rally in Arlington where we had over 1,000 people and a 14 minute standing ovation for him."

Some voters we spoke to think Cruz is part of the problem, a lack of cooperation in Washington.

Voter's said things like, "I think the Tea Party, the democrats, and the Republican party ought to go back to the basics. Take care of the American people." and "Our country's not in a good shape right now, everybody needs to come together and find some solutions."

Millson and Teuber both agree Washington needs more common ground.

Millson says, "Let's talk about the things we have in common and lay those aside, then we can tackle the tough issues where we really have difference."