Possible theft ring spans 3 N. Texas counties

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A suspect originally arrested for traffic violations is now in the Lamar County jail for much more serious charges. The Lamar County Sheriff's Department is investigating a possible theft ring that spans three Texoma counties.

31-year old, Talbert Long is being held on a $193,000 bond for several thefts, that authorities believe took place in at least 3 North Texas counties: Lamar, Grayson and Fanin.

"We had a rash of burglaries and thefts in Lamar County." said Chief Deputy Springer. "Through investigation we connected to a group of people, we then made one arrest out of that."

Earlier this week Lamar County District Judge Eric Clifford signed a search warrant for a storage unit in Tom Bean. When authorities arrived they found it full of everything from power tools to fishing rods and reels and even a safe. In fact it took deputies at least two trucks and trailers to empty the unit.

While Long is the only suspect in custody authorities hope to identify other suspects within the week. The sheriff's office is trying to return the stolen property to the rightful owners, but are running into problems since the items are from all over Texoma.

Springer wants to remind people whenever they have any kind of property to put identification on it somehow, in case something like this happens to you.

If you know anything about the stolen property, contact the Lamar County Sheriff's Office at (903) 737-2400.

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