Ardmore post office renamed in honor of fallen hometown hero

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ARDMORE, OK - Today Ardmore gave a popularly visited building a new name. The Post Office is now named after Specialist Michael Phillips, an Ardmore high school grad who was killed in action.

At a dedication ceremony today Michael's mother Angelia Phillips says another dedicated post office inspired her.

"Another mother in another state had the post office named after her son and I thought what an interesting idea," she said.

So the two year journey began. Phillips called Congressman Tom Cole's office to get started. The bill was introduced on the day of Osama Bin Laden's death and passed. The bill had made its journey through Senate and over President Obama's desk.

Congressman Tom Cole says it's a great reminder of service.

"They had the opportunity to honor somebody like Michael and to remind all of us of the extraordinary sacrifices people have made," Cole said.

A ceremony at the Ardmore Veterans Center officially dedicated the building to Michael. A plaque with his name and information will hang on the front of the building.

Congressman Cole says they chose the post office because it's a frequented public building.

"it's important I think that when people walk into a public building they think about folks who have sacrificed," said Cole.

But Phillips also wants people to remember those that are still fighting.

"I'm hoping it's going to remind people that go into that door and see his name that there are still men and women serving and that we need to support and take care of them."

Because some of them, like Michael, will pay the ultimate price.