Post office deadlines near for Marshall Co. residents

Kingston Post Office is nearing the deadline for forwarding mail addressed with old, Pre-911 addresses. That deadline is fast approaching and will be July 18, 2012. After that date, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will return the incorrectly addressed mail to the sender.

Those who have their mail delivered in the Kingston area need to make sure they notify those who are still sending mail to the old address. In the next couple of days, make a note of the mail received with the old address on it and contact the sender to change the address to the new 911 address.

Since April, 2012, the Madill Post Office has been returning incorrectly addressed mail to the sender. Residents in the Madill area who have not received mail they were expecting may need to notify the sender of their new address. Patti Sparlin, the Madill Postmaster, states, “Overall, residents have done a good job getting their address changed over to the new 911 address.”

An address check list is being made available to those who still need one. If you need a verification letter for your mortgage bank or home insurance company, just contact the Marshall County 911 Coordinator and she will provide that letter for you. You can reach the Coordinator at (580)795-3911 or by email at

-Press Release from Marshall Co. 911 Coordinator