4-way stop coming to dangerous Pottsboro intersection

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POTTSBORO, TX -- After being denied by TexDot for a stoplight at a busy intersection, the Pottsboro City Council voted to request a 4 way stop be put in at Highway 289 and FM 120.

"It's a dangerous intersection for sure," said Pottsboro resident, Bobby Hancock.

Hancock says he knows just how dangerous the intersection of Highway 289 and FM120 is.

Not only has he had several near crashes, he's driven by plenty of them since the extension opened in 2009.

Pottsboro Mayor, Frank Budra, says the city has tried various steps to prevent accidents including a recent request to TxDOT to install a traffic light. That request was rejected.

But Budra says they won't give up in the fight to protect their residents and tonight the council approved a request to TxDOT to install a 4-way stop sign.

"In order to have a 4-way stop at the intersection, Highway 120 is at a relatively slow speed, it's about 45 mph, but the traffic would have to slow down considerably on 289 so that they can come to a safe stop," Budra said.

Budra says the intersection has been the site of 28 accidents. He and Hancock both believe lowering the speed limit on Highway 289 approaching the four way stop would further help the situation.

"The speed reduction will help I think immensely. If you couple the speed reduction, the stop signs, and the blinking red lights, it may solve the problem," Budra said. "We hope it will."

"Right now the speed limit is 60 miles an hour and even to bring it down to 45 would allow people to have more control when going through that intersection especially if it's a 4 way stop," Hancock said.

Budra says he believes TxDOT will approve the four way stop sign, but they will also have to do another study to determine an appropriate speed limit leading up to the stop.

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