Pottsboro kids 'pay it forward'

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POTTSBORO, TX-Several Pottsboro kids got together and saved up some money to help out a classmate.

8th grader Dalton Ringquist was in for a surprise Friday afternoon after his classmates presented him with a new HP laptop. Dalton brought his computer to school one morning, and it was later stolen from his backpack. One of his classmates, Cole Powlison, wanted to buy Dalton a new laptop so he brought his friends together and was able to raise $490.

Carole Ringquist says her son is new at the school and is very shy. She is thankful for his classmates' kindness.

"I'm overwhelmed. I'm just in shock, especially these being teenagers and you hear so much negative about teenagers, but what these kids did was overwhelming," she said.

Dalton will be heading out to Best Buy to set up his new laptop.