Pottsboro police chief resigns

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POTTSBORO, TEXAS -- A Texoma police chief has put in his two week notice after eight years of service.

Pottsboro Mayor Frank Budra confirms that Brett Arterburn gave his resignation notice yesterday.

Mayor Budra says Arterburn was good for the city of Pottsboro and he'll miss him leading their police department.

He suspects that Arterburn is looking to pursue other interests, instead of continuing his career in law enforcement.

Budra says he has known Arterburn for years, since he was a young policemannd that without him, there will be a void in the department.

"Chief Arterburn resigned and it's pretty simple. I'm not happy over it. He was a good chief and he's left a big hole that we'll have to fill. He was good for the city. He was a very good police chief," Arterburn said.

Budra says they will now begin the process of searching for a new police chief.

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