Preservation Celebration in Paris

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PARIS, TX - The month of May is known as national preservation month, where history buffs and people looking to learn a little more about their local heritage get together and trade stories.

The city of Paris is embracing its history as they prepare for their annual Preservation Celebration.

Events this month are planned to instill a sense of community pride, celebrating and educating people about the history, landmarks and people of Paris.

"It's a way of showing people in Lamar County about our history and the preservation of our history." said Lamar County Historical Museum volunteer, Glenn Books.

This weekend there will be several events, starting Saturday at Heritage Park. There will be Trolley tours, blacksmith demonstrations from the Lamar County Historical museum and live bluegrass music.

"We had to do other things to have fun and we've got some things for the young children to do that we did when we were children." said Books

Sunday the Sam Bell Maxey House will host its annual historic sites free day, offering free tours all day and activities on the property.

"All of the great things preservation can do bring about and bring together a community." said Maxey House site manager, Kaitlin Ammon. "The Maxey house is just part of that in helping to bring great things to this community."

For Paris resident, Weldon Turner Senior, it's important to preserve history and share it with the future generations.

"What's best about it, to hand it down to generations after we all done left, like when I leave this world and the rest of them." said Turner. "It's something they need to know about the places they are living at."

The events start Saturday at ten in the morning and are open for the public to enjoy until four in the afternoon.

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