Preventing car burglaries

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DENISON, TX -- Every two minutes, a car is burglarized in Texas. Local authorities want to help make sure yours isn't one of them.

Nicole Earnhart headed out to Denison's Music on Main tonight, and says she didn't think twice about leaving her purse in her car.

"I never have thought about it. Actually, my son-in-law is a denison policeman, and I actually haven't thought about it," said Earnhart.

But Linda Warren has. She never leaves it in the car.

"Absolutely not, but no I don't leave it anywhere. But no, I wouldn't want anybody to steal it out of my car," said Warren.

Warren took her purse with her and police say she did the right thing, because summer is a prime season for car burglaries. More people are out and about, many heading to parks for a quick run or to visit the local pools. They don't want to bring their things in with them, so they leave them in the car in plain sight.

"If the opportunity is not there, then more than likely you're not going to be a victim. We can't say 100 percent that somebody won't come up and try to break in your car to see what's there, but that's not usually what happens," said Lieutenant Mike Eppler with the Denison Police Department.

Eppler says before you get out of your car, grab your purses, wallets, electronics and any other valuables. Then, lock your doors.

"Of course, locking your vehicle isn't a 100 percent guarantee that it won't be broken into. But it is a good deterrent. If you can slow somebody down for 20 to 30 seconds chances are they may go somewhere else," said Eppler.

While looking around Sherman and Denison today, we found several cars with windows cracked and different belongings inside. Car burglaries are almost always preventable, if you take the right measures to protect your things.

"If you reduce that opportunity, then you greatly increase the likelihood that you're not gonna become a victim," said Eppler.

"I think I'll take it with me or leave it at home," said Earnhart.

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