Progress in Progress Park

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SHERMAN, TX - Construction is underway in Progress Park, and will continue to take place over the next few months, bringing jobs and more revenue to Sherman.

Major progress is underway in Progress Park.

"Now that the winter is over, a lot of construction has started to take on and take hold so we expect to see several things over the next couple of months," said Scott Connell, President of Sherman Economic Development Corporation.

Connell says SEDCO recently sold 13 acres of progress park to Southeastern Freight lines, a South Carolina based company, "They'll be establishing a truck terminal operation where they shift product from a certain amount of trucks to the others to take it to the stores."

Construction on the truck terminal should begin in the next few weeks, and the project is expected to be finished in just 6 months.

"They're going to be bringing several hundred trucks," said Connell.

In order to accommodate those trucks, SEDCO is partnering with TxDot to expand the southbound exit ramp from U.S. 75 to FM 1417.

That exit ramp is expected to be finished in April.

And In the southern section of Progress Park, crews are now laying a new full service water line, which will eventually service Panda Power Plant, the large natural gas power plant also under construction in the park.

Connell says all of these new projects will continue to make Progress Park a viable area for businesses to locate.

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