Proposed smoking ordinance one step closer to being final

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PARIS, TX-- The city of Paris is one step closer to implementing a citywide smoking ordinance.

The smoking task force committee met before Monday's council meeting to make changes to the proposed ordinance. The council was originally supposed to make a decision Monday night, but delayed the decision because bad weather cancelled last week's smoking task force committee meeting.

Some of the new proposed changes include the distance a smoker would have to stand from an entrance from 20 to 30 feet, and issuing a $50 fine for a first time offender.

"The art of negotiation requires some compromise," said committee member John Kruntorad. "Neither side walks away totally happy, but you will receive our recommendations after the city attorney writes those up."

The city attorney will now write up a new ordinance with the proposed changes. The council will make their decision at the March 24th meeting.