Prosecutors speak after Derebery's guilty verdict

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MADILL, OK - It took a jury just an hour and a half to find 59-year-old Randolph Derebery guilty of two counts of lewd molestation Tuesday.

Assistant District Attorney Heather Cooper worked this case. She stressed the importance of the work of the Marshall County Sheriff's Office and the jurors to get the conviction. Most of all, she wanted to thank the victims for coming forward and testifying against their abuser.

Just hours after their molester was convicted, two of Randolph Derebery's victims told us how they felt about the verdict. We have concealed their identity for their protection.

"I feel safe now," one victim said. "Knowing that he is guilty, like I don't have to worry about him getting out or get off on the other cases because he his guilty on ours."

Derebery was convicted of two counts of lewd molestation Tuesday.

Cooper said jurors recommended five years in prison for each count.

"I think the right decision was made and I am very pleased with the outcome," Cooper said.

Derebery was arrested three separate times and accused of molesting five different girls. He is scheduled to be back in court on three other sex crime charges Dec. 5.

Cooper would not comment on Derebery's pending cases but said she was moved by the courage Derebery's victims displayed by coming forward.

"In this case we had young girls who had to talk about thing that people aren't people comfortable talking about with one or two people," Cooper said. "Much less an open courtroom."

She hopes it encourages the other three girls alleging abuse and any victim who's suffered abuse to do the same.

We tried Tuesday and Wednesday to get a comment from Derebery's attorney, Theresa McGehee. She has not responded to our calls.

Derebery will be sentenced for his conviction of two counts of lewd molestation Dec. 12.

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