Prosecutors file charges in Wynnewood murder

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WYNNEWOOD, OK - Nearly a year later, Garvin County investigators have collected enough evidence to file charges in the 2011 murder of a elderly Wynnewood man.

Last September, Glen Brownlee was found beaten to death inside his Wynnewood home.

"My officer went down there to check on him and that's when we discovered his body," Wynnewood Police Chief Ken Moore said.

Police said at the time their only lead on a suspect were two fingerprints and a partial left palm print found at the crime scene.

A few months later, 41-year-old Martin High of Wynnewood was arrested in connection with a robbery and burglary.

While being questioned, investigators said they began to notice similarities between this robbery and the unsolved murder of Brownlee.

"The similarities were too close to ignore and an OSBI agent was contacted and came down to interview the suspect and obtain fingerprints from him," Moore said.

An affidavit obtained by First News states High's prints were recently matched with those collected the night of the homicide.

High is now charged with first degree murder but police said they are still unsure of a motive.

"We were unable to determine if Mr. Brownlee knew High at all," Moore said. "We do know that High would go around in the community trying to buy junk iron and scrap metal and things from different people, so it was possible that he had contact with Mr. Brownlee previously."

High remains in Garvin County custody on a $1 million bond.

He is expected back in court June 1.

"We're real happy that we are getting some closure on this case cause it's such a violent homicide," Moore said. "The victim was such a nice guy. We are really happy that we have closure on it."