Bells residents question city council candidates at public forum

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BELLS, TX -- Bells residents got the chance to gril their city council candidates with questions at a public forum Tuesday night.

"If you don't know who they are or what they stand for how are you going to vote? You have to be an informed voter to vote. I want the best for our city and that's the reason I'm here," Bells resident Gilda Spiller said.

Four seats are up for grabs. Three of those are for two year council terms and the fourth seat is for a one year term.

The public forum was held at Bells High School from 7 to 8:15. Residents were able to submit questions to the candidates, which were presented by Bells High School government students. Some of the hot topics were the city's recent water issues and roads.

"There's been talk of putting together a bond to deal with the streets and the water so what would they do to help get that moving," Forum Organizer Keri Tongate said.

Early voting begins April 28th and lasts until May 6th.
Elections will be held May 10th.

Running for the one year term city council seat is Brad Sheaer and Jeff Cockrill.

Roger Goodwin, Curtis Payne, Jennifer Washburn, Tammy Hartline, and John Ramsey are hoping to claim a city council seat for a two year term.