Public meeting held to discuss Lake Texoma concerns

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Receding shorelines at Lake Texoma have left people thirsty for answers on the low lake levels.

They're also the reason dozens of people flooded the Kingston Multipurpose Facility Saturday to attend a public meeting.

"To bring attention to what's happening around the lake at this time," said Robyn King, the founder of Save Lake Texoma--a community group that hosted the gathering.

Right now the lake's purposes are listed as flood control, water supply, hydropower, low flow regulation, and recreation. But King said her group is speaking with state politicians to get that last point more consideration.

"This lake brings in way too much money to our economy for recreation to be so far down on the list," King said.

State Senator Jerry Ellis of Valliant, Oklahoma is on the tourism and wildlife committee and the appropriations subcommittee on natural resources.

He gave background information on water struggles over the years within the state and with Texas.

Ellis says 2013 legislation redistricting the Oklahoma Water Resource Board could help locally.

"Going to give the rural areas like here in Kingston better representation, more representation on the Water Resource Board," said Ellis.

But right now the lake is still low, and those at the meeting said they'd like to see more team work.

"We just need more cooperation from everybody," said meeting attendee Richard Hose. "We need to work together as a team to improve the lake conditions and help the economy of the lake both on the Oklahoma and Texas side."