Pumpkins thriving; bringing families together at local patch

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DENISON, TEXAS -- It's gourds galore at Elves Christmas Tree Farm and Pumpkin Patch in Denison, where it's evident that the crop is thriving.

"The pumpkins were a little more scarce in Texas last year and the sizes were a little smaller due to the lack of rain. This year, though, the sizes are back to normal. We had one pumpkin a little over a hundred pounds this year and still got a few around that are hitting the 90 range," Marshall Cathey with the pumpkin patch said.

There are cheddar pumpkins, crystal star pumpkins, Cinderella and fairytale pumpkins, one two many pumpkins, long pumpkins, blue pumpkins, rascals and warty pumpkins.

But these kids don't know the varieties of all the pumpkins. The folks here at Elves say what's important is that lasting family memories are made.

"It's a lot of fun. A lot of people remember back in the old days when they used to go out, go to the pumpkin patch and we try to bring a little bit of that back to home for these families today," Cathey said.

For some, Sunday afternoon marked the beginning of new family traditions.

"New family traditions. I don't think either me or my husband, either one, had ever done anything like this growing up and I've always wanted to, but we just never did. I don't think there was any place like this. The kids have had a blast today," customer Kayla Henry said.

"We grow a little more each year and see a few new people and we've really been blessed with a lot of repeat business. Most people come out, they usually have a good time, and they'll come out again," Cathey said.

Some of these families will be back sooner than you think.

"We're already making plans for the Christmas trees," Henry said.

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