Puppy Up! Texoma raises money for cancer research

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A few years ago, Luke Robinson took his two dogs and started walking. They left Austin, Tex. and walked all the way to Boston, Mass.

His purpose was to raise awareness for pet cancer. It was the start of 2 Million Dogs, a non-profit organization.

"Being from Texas, we down here say 'cowboy up!'" Robinson said. "I was like to 'heck with cowboys man, we puppy up against cancer.'"

Now, the organization holds walks all over the country to raise money for research.

On Sunday, Texoma residents converged on Denison for "Puppy Up! Texoma." It's the second year Denison hosted the event.

Pamela Pyle started the event last year. It's grown tremendously this year, she said.

"It's just mushroomed," she said.

Pyle got the idea after her great pyrenees died from cancer. She knew other Texomans would gladly help out the cause.

"This place loves their dogs," she said.

C.J, a blue heeler, was the walk's grand marshal. Her owner, Angie Rockwell, said they're hoping C.J. has finally got cancer beat.

"She's doing great. She turned 14 in October," Rockwell said. "And she still runs and plays and rules the roost at home with all the other dogs."

But while the event's main focus was on man's furry best friend, 2 Million Dogs is about more than pet cancer.

"So the studies that we fund benefit pets and people," Robinson said. "Not just dogs, not just animals."

Denison was the last stop on his nationwide tour, Robinson said.

"And to see the ripple effects that what one guy and his two dogs can do all across the country, is humbling," he said.

Sunday's event raised $17,000. The organization has raised $400,000 since its founding.