Rattan player will miss state championship, due to legal challenge

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RATTAN, OK -- Friday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court lifted an injunction that was putting the Class A state baseball tournament on hold, but teams still don't know when they'll play. Because of this, a Texoma baseball player won't get to play for the state title at all.

The Rattan Rams are heading into the Oklahoma Class A state tournament ranked first in the state. So, they believe they have a chance to take it all. But they're worried that'll be difficult nowk, because one of their star senior players will miss out because he's leaving to fight for our country.

The Rattan Rams qualified for this year's Class A state tournament ranked number one. They played their first game and won, but then the games were put on hold.

"Right when we finished, they said 'hey, the tournament is canceled and we don't know when you all are going to play next. It's just off''," senior player Tanner McAdams said.

Now, almost a month later, it's still uncertain when these boys will take the field again. But four-year starting senior, Brandon Jones, never will.

"I'm kind of hurt pretty bad because I don't get to finish what I started," Jones said.

"I always tell him if you start something, I want you to finish it. I mean, don't just start it and stop it. And now this is something that's out of his control," Brandon's dad, Andy Jones, said.

"I just hate it that he's going to miss out," said his mom, Karen Jones.

Brandon won't get to finish his season because he leaves Sunday for basic training. He enlisted in the Army in December and says it's something he's always wanted to do.

"I guess I decided a long time ago because my dad's been in the National Guard for 31 years, and I just kind of wanted to follow in his footsteps," Brandon said.

"It makes me very proud," his dad said.

Brandon's dad, Andy Jones, was deployed four times while Brandon was growing up. He says he had to miss a lot of games, but was able to be there for his son during his senior season and was excited to watch him compete for the state title.

"It's just disappointing in all aspects," he said.

Brandon turned in his uniform yesterday.

"I had one teammate, that texted me last night and he kinda made me tear up a little bit. But he said he's going to go out there and do everything for me." Brandon said.

"He's a kid that's always done things right and he's been totally committed to this team, and it just sickens me that he's not going to be able to finish his senior year. Whether we play next week or two weeks from now, it's not going to be the same without him," head coach Ryan Cordell said.

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