Recent Callisburg High School graduate dies by electrocution

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CALLISBURG, TEXAS -- When the lights flick on and Callisburg football players take to the field tonight in Valley View. They'll be thinking of their old teammate.

"They've dedicated the game, they've dedicated the season, in his memory," Callisburg Athletic Director Ritchie Pinckard said.

Colton Bentley used to be a part of this team before he graduated from Callisburg High School in May.

A family friend says he died yesterday at a ranch in Oklahoma, when closed a barn door on an electrical wire, and was electrocuted.

"Our hearts just go out to his family and of course all of his friends. It's tough on them," Callisburg Superintendent Steve Clugston said.

Clugston says Colton was a great kid.

"He's a young man that every time I saw him, came up and shook your hand and had a smile on his face. Matter of fact, he was at our last ball game and came over and took time to talk to me," Clugston said.

Athletic Director Ritchie Pinckard says at Callisburg, they preach family, and Friday night, Colton's old teammates, who think of him as a family member, are playing with heavy hearts.

"We preach and we talk family all the time. I said, 'Now's the time for you to have the opportunity to make this work for you.' And uh, you know, I said that I'm pretty sure that you being a teammate, he would've wanted you to carry on," Pinckard said.

With only 300 high school students, Clugston says the Callisburg community is like a close-knit family, and he says they're getting hit two-fold: Colton's mother works in the school cafeteria.

"We had the pain of losing one of our former students and then you get a little first-hand account of the pain his mother feels. It's tough, it's tough. Like I said, well-known family here," Clugston said.

Colton's funeral service is Sunday at 2 o'clock at George J. Caroll Funeral Home in Gainesville.