Red River Regional CEO addresses employee concerns

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BONHAM, TEXAS -- A letter is circulating on the internet, allegedly from concerned employees of Red River Regional Hospital in Bonham, worried they could lose their jobs amid rumors of a possible acquisition.
Thursday, we spoke with CEO David Conejo about whether cuts are coming, and other concerns voiced by employees. Including why surveyors from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, have been on site for three days.

"Our board has directed we try to find a partner in this region, one of the larger hospital to work with, and that's the best way to strengthen healthcare service in the county," said CEO David Conejo.

Red River Regional CEO, David Conejo, says change may be coming for the hospital but there's not much more he can legally say.

"We will pursue somewhere along the line a relationship with them and, or, even an acquisition," Conejo said.

What he does say is that the roughly 125 hospital employees will not lose their jobs.

"In any venture we would go forth there would be condition that an incoming entity would hire all of the employees."

But that's not the only thing several current employees say they're concerned about.

"I spoke with two former and one current employee, none of whom wanted to speak on camera, but all of whom say they worked hours they weren't paid for. But Conejo says nothing illegal is going on.

"We had all our people sign documents agree to a reduction in their hours," Conejo said. "We're all gonna reduce to 72 hours paid, during an 80 hour workweek, and then that way we don't have to lay people off."

Conejo says the CMS surveyors are only on site to validate a recent accreditation the hospital received. He says the surveyors are *not investigating any complaints against the hospital.

"It is nothing like what happens when someone files a complaint," said Conejo

As for claims that Conejo is considering, or has accepted a job at a hospital in Gallup, New Mexico, potentially leaving Red River Regional in the middle of a possible transition...

Reporter: "I heard from some employees that you've taken a job in New Mexico at a hospital there, and bought house there. Is that true?"
Conejo: "No."

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