"Red Wing" films in Whitewright

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WHITEWRIGHT, TX-Cameras rolled in one Texoma town for an upcoming movie making its debut on the big screen. Film crews have been in Whitewright shooting the movie "Red Wing" since the beginning of this week.
Thursday, we got the chance to speak with filmmakers and one of the stars about the movie and also with a city official, who tells us what this means for Whitewright.
Thursday afternoon, film crews and actors got together at the Caney Creek Nursery in Whitewright to shoot "Red Wing"--a love story that spans 30 years--set out in the country.

"It's a love story. But when you think about a love story, you need to think about the different aspects of love and it encompasses so many aspects of the word love."

Integrity Film Productions, Patti Carpenter, said the story surrounds leading lady "Maddie Blanton," played by Breann Johnson.

"She got married when she was 18 and had Johnny, her son, right away and then some things and surprises happen in the story and I don't want to give too much away," she said.

Frances Fisher and Luke Perry also have starring roles.

Carpenter said they were looking for the perfect setting for "Red Wing" a year ago, browsing towns in Texas and Utah and one Sunday afternoon, they found Whitewright.

"When we got here, we saw this gorgeous little town, completely closed up, quiet. It had everything we wanted," she said.

"It's gonna promote a lot for the city. There are some things going to our website, it's gonna help our tourism, which will help out a little bit. Whitewright is just a great small town."

Mayor pro tem, Ruby Howell, said the production company asked the council a few months ago for permission to shoot in Whitewright. She said this will help put their city on the map.

"We're delighted to have them, we think it's great. We just want to welcome them and hope that the whole time they're here that we can take care of their needs and be happy with it and that they'll be happy with their movie," she said.

"I love Whitewright, I love the rifle. I won the rifle the first night out so it was great and the people are just fabulous, incredibly genuinely fabulous people," said Carpenter.

"It's wonderful, I love it here and the town is so nice. Everyone's so helpful and wanting to chip in and help out, it's just been amazing, an amazing experience," said Johnson.

Carpenter adds that several crew members and actors are from Texoma. They will be filming in Whitewright until August and "Red Wing" is expected to hit theatres next year.

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