Relatives of Calera family trapped in debris speak

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CALERA, OK -- At least two people are still in the hospital after 90 mile an hour winds destroyed their Calera home, trapping them inside.

The home where the Jackson family was having dinner Sunday night was completely flattened.

Connie Jackson was flown to a Dallas hospital Sunday night, where she's still in critical condition.

Brandon Jackson is stable, but in serious condition. The rest of the family has been released.

Now, they describe their night of sheer terror.

"My oldest nephew went through the window. And he went flying through the air. The rest of them landed on the ground and were covered by debris. But my father in law managed to grab my oldest nephew and throw him on the ground," said Daughter-in-Law, Shannon Giles.

Shannon Giles points out where her family was trapped under the rubble of of their mobile home.

She wasn't there, but five of her relatives were. One of the most seriously hurt, her mother in law, Connie Jackson.

"All we are concerned about is getting Connie better. Getting Connie back home... and starting the process of getting through this. That is all we are concerned about. This is just stuff. This can all be replaced," said Giles.

Giles and her daughter say they never imagined something like this could happen to their family. And they're grateful for the outpouring of help and support.

"Everybody has banded together. Everyone has been so supportive. I mean everyone. People. We've just gotten closer and we're working as one to get through this mess," said Giles.

"Having to see all this stuff destroyed and that my mimi and papa and aunt and uncle and cousins had to go through this," said Allie Boone, Connie's granddaughter.

Allie Boone and her mother says her grandmother is still in critical condition in ICU, suffering from major injuries, and what she needs most is prayers. But even in this devastation, Boone and Giles say there is reason to be thankful.

"My Father-in-Law, Harold, is a hero. Because if he hadn't have grabbed our oldest nephew out of the sky flying through the air. We don't have known what would have happened. We thank God that Harold did that because he's our hero."

"It's hard and is going to be a long time cleaning up. And that I love my family," said Boone.

Funds have been set up for the family under Connie and Harold Jackson and Brandon and Tracie Jackson at the First United Bank in Durant.

A poker run has been planned, but no date has been set yet.

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