Reminders for Memorial Day travelers in Texas

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SHERMAN, TX -- This Memorial Day weekend, the Texas Department of Public Safety says they are stepping up enforcement on all Texas highways.

"We're going to be looking for people driving intoxicated, people not wearing their seat belt, people that are making any kind of unsafe violation of the law," said Texas DPS Trooper, Mark Tackett.

Last Memorial Day weekend, DPS troopers arrested close to 500 drunk drivers and issued over 800 seat belt and child safety restraint tickets.

"DPS realizes that people need to let off some steam and relax a little bit and try to relieve a little stress during the holidays and we encourage that, we just want people to do it safely," said Tackett.

If you are making a long trip this weekend, TxDOT has 12 travel information centers in Texas that offer free WiFi and a chance to stretch your legs.

Some tips from TxDOT and the DPS: slow down, get rid of anything distracting, remember to drive defensively but safely and plan ahead.

"Check all the fluids, check the tire pressure, make sure it is well-tuned up, that can save you between three and four percent in fuel efficiency," said TxDOT Public Information Officer, Tim McAlavy.

"Don't drink and drive, wear your seat belt everywhere in the vehicle, even in the backseat, stay off the cell phone unless it is an emergency and then try and find a place to pull over," said Tackett.

Officials are forecasting close to three million Texas travelers this weekend, so with more drivers on the roads, TxDOT says the chances of accidents also go up.

"We want you to travel well-rested, well-prepared, because we want you to get there safely," said McAlavy.

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