Rita Kotey wins "People's Choice" at Denison's Dancing with the Stars

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DENISON, TX -- Denison's Dancing with the Stars Saturday night was a success. Dozens of people turned out and kicked up their heels.

News 12's Rita Kotey, with Micheal Brooks and Jordan Thompson, took home first prize with People's Choice, and Sara Jerome and her partner Jacob Irbin won Most Funds Raised.

Michael and Kimberly Courtwright came in second for People's Choice, and Leigh Ann Kloppers and J.Q. Ivers came in third. Bob Utter and Ilona Nogarr got second prize for fundraising and Andrea Brenn and Forrest Clearman claimed third place.

The event was held at the Palazzo in Denison. The show was put on by the Denison Service League this year and benefits children across Grayson County who are in need.