Robbery suspect asks police for a ride, gets arrested

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SHERMAN, TX-A robbery investigation took an interesting turn when the the suspect unwittingly turns himself into police, just hours after a Sherman convenience store was robbed.

Around midnight Tuesday, Sherman police officers stopped by the Exxon just off Highway 75 on Lamar street when they were approached by 21-year-old Lance McFarland.

"He came up and asked the officer how much longer they're gonna be there and asked if he could get a ride to a local apartment. The officer that he approached actually recognized some of the tattoos that he had from a robbery that occurred in Denison."

Sgt. D.M. Hampton said officers cuffed McFarland on the spot, who later confessed to robbing the Sherman "Get and Go" convenience store at gun-point earlier that evening.
He said McFarland also confessed to robbing a Chevron gas station in Denison last Sunday.

"I can't even speculate as far as what he was thinking. I don't know that, I guess a lot of times these people get a bit arrogant thinking that there's no way that they're gonna think that he had anything to do with that earlier in the evening," he said.

Hampton said McFarland went into the "Get and Go" around 9:15 Tuesday evening and threatened a customer and the clerk with a gun demanding cash. He then took off.

Two days earlier, Denison police said McFarland also robbed the Chevron on Texoma Parkway at 691.
The store's owner, Tom Shapakota said he's glad McFarland's been caught.

"We feel relieved and I'm excited those kind of people are out of the community," he said.

Hampton said it's good police work that ultimately solved the case.

"The information sharing, especially with cities that are so close, a lot of times that information is very vital. And as much as we look to the public, we also look at other agencies and we look at trends that they were having and the problems they're having," he said.

McFarland is now in the Grayson County Jail on two counts of aggravated robbery.

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