Rollover accident leaves mess on Airport Road

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PARIS, TX-- Paris Police say an 18 wheeler, going too fast on a turn, rolled over and left a mess on Airport Road.

Officials say just after 11 A.M. the 18 wheeler, headed east in the 1500 block of Airport Road, flipped over. Authorities say Hazmat crews were on scene due to diesel, motor oil and hydraulic fluid spilling on the road.

The semi also left shredded tires all along the side of the road.

One witness says he was checking his mail when he heard a loud boom and went over to help the driver.

""He said he was okay he was a little bit dizzy and he complained of his leg hurting a little bit," said Doug Bryans. "When he got down to the ground he could stand up and started walking around so I believe he was okay."

The road has since reopened.