Roof collapses at Sherman bowling Alley

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SHERMAN, TX -- The roof of the Lonestar Lanes Bowling Alley collapsed Friday.

Officials say the general manager and his daughter had just showed up to get ready to open Saturday.

"About the time the door opened, they heard a loud pop, and the ceiling started caving in, and he just pushed his daughter back out the front door and just stayed out of the building," said Sherman Fire Division Chief Tom Brown.

He said about 75 percent of the ceiling collapsed. It appears to be a result of the snow and ice build up, Brown said.

"Drainage, with the below freezing temperatures, there wasn't a lot of drainage, so all that weight that we received overnight with the rain and sleet and snow, it's just piled up and the structure just couldn't hold it," he said.

Brown said no one was hurt since the business was closed for the storm and no one was inside when it happened.Authorities roped off the building and say it's still dangerous for anyone to go near it.

"The front of the building could collapse, the front façade is leaning inward, so we could have a complete collapse before it's over," he said.

Officials from the Sherman building code enforcement condemned the building, Brown said.

"And they'll take appropriate action on what to do with the building at this point," he said.

A friend of the general manager said they're unsure what the owner plans to do at this point. Management was in the middle of remodeling the building when it happened.

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