Ruiz Foods celebrates 50 years in business

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DENISON, TX -- One of Grayson County's largest employers celebrated 50 years in business today.

"It's very special to me. It let's me know all the things that we've done here," said Fred Ruiz.

For Fred Ruiz, it was a day full of festivities.

Ruiz Foods, the California-based company he founded 50 years ago with his mom and dad, celebrated their birthday Thursday by honoring Ruiz who's retiring.

He says there's a reason his frozen Mexican food products have stayed on the shelves for so long.

"The secret sauce or your secret weapon is your employees," said Ruiz.

A number of Grayson County officials attended Thursday's ceremony, to honor Ruiz and to hear CEO Rachel Cullen speak about the recent expansion completion.

"In Denison, here in particular, we announced our expansion in June, and next week we are going to get to start the new facility; the new lines." said Cullen.

Cullen says the company's twenty-million dollar equipment purchase for the new fifty-thousand square foot building is allowing them to hire hundreds of new jobs to help with their expanding company.

"This expansion, when it's fully operational, will be somewhere between 400 additional people," said Cullen.

That's on top of 700 current employees.

Mayor Jared Johnson says this expansion is huge for Denison.

"Every job that they create; there's people coming, shopping in our community, living in our community," said Johnson.

Representative Larry Phillips gave Ruiz a proclamation from Governor Perry and Mayor Johnson designated August 21st as Fred Ruiz day.

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