SCAM ALERT: Grayson County Sheriff's office warns scammer claiming to be with law enforcement

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GRAYSON CO., TX -- A warning from law enforcement Thursday evening about a scam where someone claiming to be from the sheriff's office Is trying to scam people out of thousands of dollars.

Investigators say the caller identifies himself as a sergeant or lieutenant with either the sheriff's office or police department, often using the last name of Owens.

He says you've missed jury duty and you now face jail time unless you pay a $2,000 dollar fine.

He tells victims to go to a store and buy $2,000 dollars worth of money orders or pay pal cards scratch off the back and give him the code.

The sheriff's office is not making these phone calls.

LT. Rickey Wheeler said, "We are not coming out to arrest you if you don't show up for jury duty unless a judge tells us to which really rarely happens."

If you get a call like this hang up and report it to local law enforcement.