Golf course murder suspect takes own life on eve of trial

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DENISON, TX - The man was accused of shooting and killing another man and his dog near a Denison golf course last year, was found dead in his home last night.

53 year old Robert McInchak was found dead inside his home on Golf Walk Circle in Denison Sunday night.

"Sad ending to a sad situation, nobody's happy about things like that, did let the family of the victim of the criminal case know, and it's just a tragedy all around." said District Attorney, Joe Brown.

Investigators say around 7:45 Sunday night they got a call from a family member concerned about McInchak, saying they had received a strange text.
When deputies went to check on him, no one answered the door.

"Tried to get someone to come to the door, all the doors were locked, we were able to look through a window and see that there was a white male sitting in a rather large chair in the master bedroom." said Sheriff Keith Gary.

Sheriff Keith Gary tells us a family member showed up with a key, and once inside they found McInchak dead in that chair.
He had shot himself.

"It was a gun shot wound to the body, it was an unusual place, it was not to the head, it was to another part of his body, probably in the sternum area." said Sheriff Gary.

McInchak was charged in the shooting death of 58 year old Shellman Smith Jr. last year in April.

"This was his first time in the system, you're looking at a serious 1st degree murder charge and the possibility of life in prison, these are things that sometimes happen." said Brown.

Prosecutors say, last April, while Smith was playing golf at the Denison country club, his dog wandered into McInshack's yard.
The two men got into an argument and McInchak shot the dog, then Smith with a 22-caliber rifle.
His trial was set to start Monday.

"Obviously there can't be a criminal case, so the charges will be dismissed, so there is no good ending, and no rational explanation for these things." Brown said.

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