SOSU receives national recognition for student veteran programs

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DURANT, OK -- Southeastern Oklahoma State University was recently recognized nationally as being a "military friendly" university by Victory Media.

That means they have programs in place helping student veterans make the transition from military life into a civilian role.

"Each veteran student comes back to us with unique needs or issues. They may be in different places in their education, they may have family," said Liz McCraw, dean of enrollment management.

The University said it's why they offer a variety of services to veteran students - including counseling.

"Literally, we've had student veterans who have been in a war zone one day, and within two or three days, entering a university environment," Counseling Center Director Jane McMillian said.

McMillian said they help student veterans return to civilian life.

"How to lower that state of preparedness, that state of constantly being on alert for life or death situations."

She said they also help veterans adjust to concerns some students take for granted, like dealing with family after a long deployment or financial struggles.

"A variety of issues. And that's where counseling plays such a crucial part," she said.

But McCraw said they also help veterans adjust to academic life.

"We care about what their goal is, and then develop a plan to help them meet that goal," she said. "We want to be of assistance to veteran students, to students who are on active duty, national guard, and make sure we're doing everything that we can to help them achieve their potential and their success in academics."

McGraw said they also put them in touch with other veteran groups - like the VA.

"Connect them in a way to make sure that they have all the support that they need," she said.

The program isn't just for veterans. Right now they have some students serving in active duty in Afghanistan who are enrolled in online classes.

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