SOSU unveils new costume mascot

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DURANT, OK -- It's been seven years since Southeastern State University changed their name to the Savage Storm.

But the team still lacked a costume mascot. - until Thursday.

The school revealed a "fierce but approachable" bison as the new face of SOSU in front of a packed crowd at the student union. The actual costume is still "being born," officials said. The actual costume will make its debut during the homecoming game Oct. 5.

They chose the bison because it represents "resilience, pride and strength."

Students and alumni say the new mascot is all about identity - especially since they changed the name in 2006. And it's been 15 years since they had a costume mascot.

The school says it's an historic day for new S-O-S-U traditions.

"It felt like for years something's missing. So now to have an icon that we can identify with and promote going forward. It's a good thing," said alumni president Rob Piearcy.

The school is accepting name suggestions for the new mascot online. They plan to narrow down the suggestions and put it to a vote. They'll release the name when they release the costume during the homecoming game.

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