S&S Elementary School students to receive free breakfast and lunch for the next four years

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SADLER, TX -- Every student at S&S Elementary School will receive free breakfast and lunch for the next four years, thanks to the Community Eligibility Provision under the federal government's National School Lunch and Breakfast programs.

"What we feel is that we're actually going to be able to provide a healthy, nutritional meal to every kid, regardless you know, home situations, whether they can afford our lunches or not," said Superintendent, Tommy Hunter. "I mean every kid will get a nutritional breakfast and lunch."

Hunter says the elementary school qualified for the program after submitting data over a two week period showing 40 percent of its students either receive free or reduced meals and/or are homeless or migrant.

He says this program will save many parents hundreds of dollars a year.

"The quick math will tell you this could save if a kid were to eat every breakfast and every lunch everyday of the school year, it would save them about $600 per child," Hunter said.

And for some parents like Kim Patterson, who has multiple children in school, that money quickly adds up.

Patterson says it costs almost $50 a week for her children's meals, and now she can use it elsewhere.

"Every dollar counts," said Patterson. "This money will allow us to put it towards other things whether it's fun activities with our kids, or an extra bill. Again this just allows us to put that money to a better use for our children."

The free meals will start next school year.

Hunter says once the four years are up, they'll consider re-applying for the program.

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