STAAR test results are in: see how North Texas school districts scored

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TEXAS: STAAR test results are in, News 12 spoke to local school districts to see how their students scored compared to the State average.

Test results are in for school districts across the state of Texas.

"These tests are just an indication, just a really quick shot, of how we've done compared to the state," said Brent Hoy, Denison ISD Director of special programs and assessment.

The Texas standardized test--the STAAR test--is administered to students from 3rd to 8th grade, while high school students take end of course staar tests for classes like algebra, biology, and this year, History.

according to the TEA, high school students across the state showed improvements on end of course tests in biology and algebra, but passing scores came in lower in english.

"I think they had a lot of stress but they worked so hard and they finally did it," said one mother who has children in Sherman and Denison schools.

Denison ISD's scores were mostly above the state average, Hoy says English and language arts were their strongest areas this year, while their math scores were lower.

"We're happy in many areas but we also see areas that we need to pick it up and improve on," said Hoy.

Bonham ISD's scores for high school biology and history came in very high, with 90% or more students passing, but its 8th grade students had lower scores in science and social studies.

At North Lamer ISD, math was a strong area, but their lowest scores were also in 8th grade social studies.

Back at Denison, Hoy says they're also looking at each student's progress, "We want to look and say alright this child wasn't successful last year, didn't meet the standard last year, but how did they do this year, did they do better? Is there growth? And if not what do we need to do to support this child in the future."

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