STAAR testing begins

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SHERMAN, TX - STAAR testing is this week for area Texas schools--Neblett Elementary has some advice for parents with students taking the tests.

For schools across the state of Texas, STAAR testing is the ultimate test.

"The test is showing us how well the students are learning those standards set by the state," said Neblett Elementary principal Bill McCoy.

Area districts, including Sherman ISD, start the testing process this week. McCoy says they've been preparing their students for testing since day one of the school year -- and it takes everyone doing their part.

"I know the dedication that these teachers put in to teaching these students in general, not just getting ready for the STAAR test, but everything, and I know how hard these students are working and our parents to support," said McCoy.

Parent Wendy Acosta says she tries to take the stress out of the test for her 12 year old by being positive, "I think if they have a good experience when they first get into the testing, it will make it easier for them when they get higher up in their grade levels and the test really does start to become more important to their education."

Students in the 3rd through the 8th grades take reading and math tests-- while 4th and 7th graders take a writing test. Science tests start at 5th grade and there are end-of-course SAAR tests for classes like algebra, biology, and U.S. History.

Neblett Elementary counselor Vickie Giger advices students get a good night's sleep, eat breakfast, and get to school on time, among other tips:

"The fourth one I always tell kids is to take a deep breath--sometimes we just get tense and stressed and we need to step back breathe in breathe out, and then the last one is to tell yourself 'yes, I can do this!' " said Giger.

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