Search for escaped murderer continues into second day

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Oklahoma officials continue to search for a convicted murderer who escaped from the Mack Alford Correctional Center.

Jason Bales escaped from the Mack Alford Corrections Center early Monday morning. He's serving a life sentence for first degree murder, in addition to arson and burglary charges.

David Parker, with the Department of Corrections, said they're concentrating on multiple surrounding locations where they think he might be - but wouldn't release the locations to protect the investigation.

"We've put multiple resources in the field to try to determine where this individual has gone."

Parker said they're asking the public for leads - they haven't gotten a solid one yet.

"No, we've got nothing at this point in time," he said.

Law enforcement officials put together a task force - they've been working non-stop since Monday morning. Parker thinks Bales is still in the area.

And local residents continue to grow uneasy.

"He better not come back around my house," said Malisa Sweeney.

Waylin Boswell is concerned for his kid.

"I called the schools to make sure there were precautions where my child goes, and I want to make sure that all children are safe until this guy is apprehended," he said.

Atoka County Undersheriff Tony Taylor said they've been responding to calls from residents who think they may have seen him.

"Last night we were checking buildings and churches, and doors found open, and pretty much that's all it right now," he said.

Officials say Bales is armed and dangerous. He's 6 feet tall 190 pounds, brown hair with a scar on his right arm. Authorities ask anyone with information to contact the department of corrections.

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