Seasonal jobs on the rise

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Right now the stores aren't too crowded. But the coming rush means employers are hiring about .4 percent more seasonal workers than last year.

Tara Humphreys works a seasonal job at Bath and Body Works and said it wasn't hard to land.

"I have extra time, I'm here at the mall anyways so another mall job is easy," she said.

That's because she works permanently at a kiosk right in front of the store. The National Retail Federation estimates that workers like Humphreys will fill 585,000 to 625,000 temporary positions this season.

Jeff Stokes manages a Big Lots store and said he's increasing his staff by 50 percent.

"As our business goes up about 50 percent we have to staff to be able to take care of the needs of the business," said Stokes.

Stokes also said many of these positions involve nights,weekends and early mornings. While many of the jobs are filled, it's not too late to find work.

"We continue to hire all the way up until the last minute as business needs," said Stokes. "We still have applications coming in on a daily basis and we'll take them all the way up until the last minute."

But for now Humphreys is working for Christmas green in her paycheck.

"The extra Christmas money," she said. "I spend so much money during Christmas I kinda have to make it up or I would be hurting."

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