Second Annual Lamar County Junior Olympics

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Student athletes from Paris and North Lamar ISD's gathered Tuesday for the Second Annual Lamar County Junior Olympics at Wildcat Stadium.

The event is for intellectually disabled kids ranging from three years old to the eighth grade.

"Too see them compete and succeed in something that's very hard for them." said Paris Teacher Elizabeth Cole. "It's easy for us to walk around some of these it's not so easy for them to walk especially run. And to see them throw and jump and run and be successful in that is very rewarding."

High school students from Paris and North Lamar were there to mentor and lend a helping hand.

"You know I had a mentor and I know how big of an impact it can be on a kid." said Paris High School Senior Corwin Cary.

"It makes me feel a lot better about myself and you know the people involved and it's kinda a good thing to do." said Paris High School Senior Cannon Chadwick. " I've really enjoyed doing it I've done it the past two years."

For one high school student, who will be competing in the state track meet next week, helping out at this event had even more of an impact.

"I feel like I'm not just only doing it for myself, I'm doing it for the people around me that can't go." said Paris High School Junior Travisheona Bronner.

Many mentors are graduating this year, but still plan to help with the Junior Olympics in the future.

"Next year we need a bigger turn out. I'm coming back taking a day off from college coming back and helping again." said Cary.

The event was in memory of Special Olympics athlete Jamari Washington, who passed away last year.

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