Second phase of Bryan County Courthouse renovations about to begin

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- For Sandy Stroud the Bryan County Court House feels "like my home away from home. I've worked here since I was 23 years old."

It's going to feel a little different for the court clerk in about six months.

That's because the court clerk's office is moving to the second floor.

Stroud says, "that's gonna be so strange, I don't know if I'll ever get used to only walking up to the second floor."

It's the second phase of court house renovations.

Commissioner Monty Montgomery expects second floor renovations to begin in about three weeks.

According to Monty Montgomery, "it's gonna be about a five, six, seven month process to get that office completed."

Montgomery says the first phase of renovations, the first floor election board offices, cost around $95,000 dollars.

He expects the second floor renovations to cost about the same.

Montgomery also added, "I feel real good about next year's budget. We still don't have our total revenue figures in yet to be able to predict what our revenue will be like for next year. But assuming that it's any where close to this year we're in good shape financially to be able to finish our construction projects."

Stroud says the new court clerk office will be bigger than the current one.

Stroud adds, "I like this office because, you can see the doors and everything are still original, and I think that's pretty cool."

Right now, only the court reporters office is housed on the second floor.

According to Montgomery, "By the first of the year or soon after, we should be complete with the remodeling on the second floor."

Stroud says before they can renovate the office they'll have to get rid of some pigeons that have found their way in and made the Court House their home as well.

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