Section of Okla. SH1 renamed after Ravia veteran

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK -- Major General Albert Lee Logan is a name Johnston County residents may have heard about, and now it's one they'll be seeing more often.

On Monday, political leaders, friends and family came out to State Highway 1 at Logan's home in Ravia to celebrate the re-naming of the highway to "Retired Air force Major General Albert Lee Logan Highway."

"It's quite a thrill to have all these friends go to the governor and get this approved, and so it's an honor to have my two boys here, and there will be a time when my grandsons can drive down this road and know that it's their grandfather," Logan said.

Major General Logan retired with over 30 years of experience -- including 200 combat missions.

State Senator Frank Simpson says the road dedication is a way to show gratitude for Logan's service to both the country and the community.

Simpson says Logan could go anywhere he wanted, but chose to be close to home.

"He could be in a big city somewhere making a six figure salary, but what he chose to do was come back to his hometown," Simpson said. "That tells you the calibur of a man he is, through 30 years of military service that connection to the people back home was never severed."

Logan is now involved in several veterans and civic groups in Johnston County.

Friends say he has a long list of accomplishments, but they admire his humility the most.

"Al is probably the most successful guy my age from this area," said childhood friend, Jack Duncan. "He's very down to earth and I know he appreciates the honor."

ODOT has two signs they'll be putting up. One has already been posted here in Ravia's city limits and another will be put at Mannsville City limits on State Highway 1.

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